Tuesday, August 16, 2011

A is for Apple Week

This week is Letter A week here at the Miller Homeschool!

My almost 4 year old has beyond surprised me this year in his eagerness to do school. Last year he couldn't sit still to save his life. This year he LOVES school. He sits and hums and giggles the whole morning long as we tackle new learning activities.

One of our first activities was to sample different types of apples. Which one is sweet? Or tart? Are the textures the same? Are some juicier than others? We talked and nibbled and compared the apples during our snack time.


Then 4 year old did the A page of his ABC Notebook by doing a color rubbing of apple seeds.
Then he glued the seeds on top of the rubbing. (idea from Brilliant Beginnings)

We also did this apple investigation from Mrs Lee's Kindergarten.

And of course, no apple day is complete without a little apple stamping.

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Lindsay said...

What fun! Yay for wanting to do school! I have been doing some planning (we start next week) Sammy can't wait to do the books that Mommy has been looking at for a long time :-P